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2019 APC Loft Racing Results


2019 Young Bird Race with Kleine Figo Offspring Performance Results

Feb 8th,2020 River Valley finial 330 miles

1.19002 Won 1st equal.3rd and B race Champion
Band No. 19 APC 19002 and Pedigree P

2.19248 Won 1st equal 7th
Band No. 19 APC 19248 and Pedigree P

3.19191 Won 1st equal 12th and B race 2nd
Band No. 19 APC 19191 and Pedigree P

Dec 4th, Lucky 17 one loft 350 miles

1.19350 Won 1st equal.3rd
Band No. 19 APC 19350 and Pedigree P

2.19259 Won 9th
Band No. 19 APC 19259 and Pedigree P

Dec 1st, Dehesa Valley Classic 305miles

1.19280 Won 1st and 4th average speed from 3 races
Band No. 19 APC 19280 and Pedigree P

2.19250 Won 1st e. 2nd and 3th average speed from 3 races
Band No. 19 APC 19250 and Pedigree P

19352 Won 1st average speed from 3 races
Band No. 19 APC 19352 and Pedigree P

Nov 25th, Peach Classic 350m

19181 Won 1st @1428ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19181 and Pedigree P

Nov 10th, Gold Country Challenge 344m

19085 Won 10th @1498ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19085 and Pedigree P

Oct 22th, Sooner Challge 325m

19262 Won 10th @1314ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19262 and Pedigree P

Sep 25th, Blue Bucket 350m

1.19081 (Silbing of 19205) Won 1st e. 5th @1286ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19081 and Pedigree P
2.19116 Won 29th @1232ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19116 and Pedigree P
Won two bird teams average 7th

Sep 21th, 2019 Dutch Touch Inter'l Canada 318m

1.19292 won 3rd 312m @995ypm, 2nd a.speed 4 races
Band No. 19 APC 19292 and Pedigree P
2.19227 E. drop won 4th 312m @995ypm
Band No. 19 APC 19227 and Pedigree P