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2018 APC Loft Racing Results


2018 Young Bird Race with Kleine Figo Offspring Performance Results

Dec 21st, Arizona Classic One loft Race

See 18292 race result

Band No :18 APC 18292 and pedegree p

Dec 12th, Lucky 17 One loft Race

18124 won 1st average speed and 1st 300 miles

Band No :18 APC 18124 and pedegree p

Dec 12th, Lucky 17 One loft Race

18126 won 2nd average speeds

Band No :18 APC 18126 and pedegree p

Dec 4th, Tucson Triple Challenge

18296 won 1st equal 350m,9th

Band No :18 APC 18296 and pedegree p

Nov 25th, Tucson Triple Challenge

18321 won 1st equal 300m,10th

Band No :18 APC 18321 and pedegree p

Nov 28th, 2018 Southen Belle Race

Nov 19th, Beijing Ai Ya Ka Pu

18170 won 33th 550km

Band No :18 APC 18170 and pedegree p

18046 won 14th 524m @1216ypm

Band No. 18 APC 18046 and Pedigree P

Oct 20th, 2018 Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge

18144 won 7th average speed from 7 races

Band No. 18 APC 18144 and Pedigree P

Oct 11th, 2018 Blue Bucket Stampede

18019 won 9th average speed from 5 races

Band No. 18 APC 18019 and Pedigree P

Sep 23rd, 2018 Dutch Touch International Canada

18246 won 7th 338miles@1353ypm

Band No. 18 APC 18246 and Pedigree P

18238 won 1st 118 miles@1243ypm

Band No. 18 APC 18238 and Pedigree P

Sep 19th, 2018 Crooker River

18020 won 1st 250miles

Band No. 18 APC 18020 and Pedigree P

July 19th, 2018 Texas Summer Convention race

1st 200miles with Tem 109F

Band No. 18 APC 18123 and Pedigree P

June 30th, 2018 Victoria Fall Challenge yearling race

3rd grand average speed from 29 races

Band No. 17 APC 17365 and Pedigree P

June 23rd, 2018 Hooiser Classic one year old bird race

Won 1st 2nd 300miles @1309ypm

Band No. 17 APC 17016 and Pedigree P

May 12th 2018 San Janicto Classic one year old bird race

Won 1st 350miles @1024ypm, 9 m ahead of 2nd bird

Band No. 17 APC 17023 and Pedigree P

Jan 27th 2018 Texas Shoot Out race

1.Won 7th 350miles @1418ypm

Band No. 17 APC 17354 and Pedigree P

2.Won 22nd 350miles @1390ypm

Band No. 17 APC 17339 and Pedigree P