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2016 APC Loft Racing Results

2016 Young Bird Race with Kleine Figo Offspring Performance Results

2016 Nov, 18thWorld Ace Challeng

won 1st 150m,2nd A series average speed

Band No. 16 APC 16205 and Pedigree P

Dec 10th,2016 16090 Won 350m World Ace Challeng

1st A series and A/C 1st equal 8th@1334ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16090 and Pedigree P

Nov 24th,2016Beijing Ai Ya Ka PU 550KM

Won 346th@1345ypm, total enter bird 3692

Band No. 16 APC 16182 and Pedigree P

Nov 20th,2016Lucky 17 300m

Won 2nd average speed from 3 races

Band No. 16 APC 16014 and Pedigree P

Nov 29th,2016 Miami International 300m

Won 1st. equal 2nd@1772ypm, average speed 3rd from 3 races

Band No. 16 APC 16141 and Pedigree P

Nov 13th, Won 1st equal 7th, Gold Country Challenge 325m

2nd average speed from 4 races

Band No. 16 APC 16122 and Pedigree P

1.Oc 30thHoosier Classic 353m

Won 16th,353m @1127ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16067 and Pedigree P

Oct 30thHoosier Classic 353m

2.Won 26th,353m@1093ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16039 and Pedigree P

Oct 20th,2016Great American

Won 1st equal 325m,5th@1332ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16260 and Pedigree P

Sep 25th,2016Blue Bucket 350m

Won 13th 350m@1395ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16073 and Pedigree P

Sep 24th,2016Algarve Golde Race 505KM

1st USA bird 353th,total enter bird 3644

Band No. 16 APC 16066 and Pedigree P

Sep 5th,2016 Blue Bucket 309m

Won 3rd@1377ypm

Band No. 16 APC 16257 and Pedigree P